Team Fortress 2 Sniper

In the 1v1 anti-sniper scene, many people wait for the enemy’s sniper to look down at their range before headshot. When aiming at the range, the sniper cannot move quickly. The main purpose here is to expand the range as fast as possible (press Q or right-click again fast enough), take a step left / right, and then terminate. The enemy sniper should be easy to kill because he is still aiming at the target and may just miss you. To prevent sniping, place the crosshair as close as possible to the enemy sniper in front of the line of sight. So when making range adjustments, you only need to move a little, or if you have already adjusted them, you don’t need to move at all. Hunter’s taunt can stun players for 5 seconds. This is especially effective if the Uber must travel along narrow stairwells or alleys. If the enemy also has a sniper, switch your sniper position frequently. Or, monitor where they can’t see you. Every few seconds, you must leave your position to stop sniping, which will make the enemy unable to find you.

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Blade and Soul is an action-combat MMORPG from NCSOFT where martial arts and mythology meet in a furious clash of fists and steel! Set in a beautiful and diverse world, and featuring a deep and cinematic story, Blade & Soul surrounds you with the visual beauty of the Far East and embroils you in a world of honour, betrayal, redemption and revenge. In the game, players can defeat your foes with a fast-paced, combo-driven action combat system in either exciting PvE Dungeons or adrenaline pumping 1v1 PvP Arena battles!

Currently, the newest update for Blade & Sou, namely Will of Iron, is available. Players now can experience the new Hangar 0 dungeon, the Rise of the Silversteel side story, and the Way of the Iron Will third class specialization for Destoryers, as well as new in-game events and more!

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Grinding Gear Games announced the latest expansion of Path of Exile, namely Conqueror’s of the Atlas, which has been live in the game for several days. The new update brings players a myriad of content and changes to explore. Apart from a new end-game storyline complete with 5 new bosses, Conqueror’s of the Atlas also brings bow changes and a new skill archetype, Ballista.

Additionally, Conqueror’s of the Atlas has a new challenge league, Metamorph. This new league gives players the task of finding and gathering parts of monsters which a new NPC, Thane Octavius, can use to assemble a new Metamorph. These enemies will change forms and use the moves of the enemies that make up their whole. These Metamorphs drop loot and Catalysts which can modify the quality stat on jewelry.

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Recently something happened to the Rocket League that is important to many players. This thing is that Crates, which we are all familiar with, has been replaced by Blueprints. This is a new system that everyone may not get used to at first. But over time we may find its benefits. So what kind of model is Blueprints, and what are the associated Credits? Now let’s introduce it to you based on what the developer announced:
Blueprints have replaced Crates in Rocket League
Each Blueprint can build one item for a displayed number of Credits
All Crates in your inventory have been converted into unrevealed Blueprints
Revealing a Blueprint will show you which item that Blueprint can build, along with how many Credits that item will require to build
Blueprints may drop after select Online Matches
You can trade revealed Blueprints to other players
Credits and Bonus Gifts
All Keys have been converted into Credits
Each Key in your inventory is worth 100-130 Credits. Learn more about the conversion process here
Credits can be traded, but only one player in a transaction can offer Credits (no Credit-for-Credit trading)
Credits are subject to a trade hold for 72 hours after purchase. The trade hold on newly-purchased Credits will apply to all Credits in your inventory
During a trade hold, you cannot trade Credits, items built from Blueprints with Credits during the trade hold, or items from Pro Tiers of Rocket Pass purchased with Credits during the trade hold
All Decryptors have been converted into Bonus Gifts
Bonus Gifts are free to open
Bonus Gifts contain one item from either the Revival or Vindicator Blueprint Series

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Path of Exile is an excellent free-to-play action RPG with an emphasis on exploration, virtually infinite armor and weapon variability, and deep player customization of everything from character builds to maps. The exceptional degree of flexibility built into the game comes at the cost of interlocking game systems and mechanics that can confuse and overwhelm new players. Here’s a guide to Path of Exile’s gem and skill systems that joins our guides to choosing a character class and choosing a weapon. Path of Exile’s active and passive skill systems are two of the more unique aspects of the game. Taken together they introduce degrees of depth, breadth and flexibility into character builds (passive skills) and combat abilities (active and support skills) that are rarely seen in RPGs. If you like designing and building characters, you’ll love this game. If you want to experience the charm of this game better, you must use more resources to explore this game. Today, I will introduce you the online trading store that has been in the game trading field for many years –!

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