Arcane Legends Brings Wonderful Pictures with Players of RPG and MMO Games

By | May 23, 2018

Arcane Legends is a hacking and slash multiplayer mobile game developed by Spacetime Studios. The game has also developed Pocket Legends, Dark Legends, and Interstellar Legends. Since its launch, the game has also appeared in the Chrome Store for use by computer users.


Three different categories | Players can choose warriors, rogues and wizarding professions, each with their own abilities and skill expertise. Party members can combine their fighting capabilities to create a cross-border mix.

The warrior warrior is strong and its main job is to carry tanks, so it has the strongest vitality and armor.

Thieves rogues have lower defenses, but they have higher attacks. They also have high agility/evasion.

Wizard shamans, also known as wizards, have the most mana. It is usually used to support other professions, but it can also cause up to hooligans and even higher damage.

Once the priests perform strict spiritual training for the attendants, they serve the church.

The Paladin Paladin is a brilliant symbol of devotion and loyalty. He uses his fighting power to serve the gods and his countrymen.

The city is where players can socialize without fear of being attacked by monsters.

In the city, you can trade and receive tasks (fighters, thieves, mages) from different occupations. Tasks give you experience and gold.

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The pioneering battle system | The Arcane Legend aims to provide the most actionable and tactical battle for any legendary game to date. Players can choose multiple times in the battle, quick attack or longer charge attack, and can fill an “anger meter” to unlock special professional special abilities.

Cross-platform games | Arcane Legend is available for iOS, Android and Chrome, and players can participate in cooperatives and PvP games regardless of their platform.

Fans of Spacetime Studios’ previous mobile games don’t need any persuasive power to choose this latest epic RPG, they can rest assured that the Arcane Legend contains all the features they expect. For others, this represents the most accessible game in the studio so far, and you may find that your drawing is much deeper than you expected.

In general, “mystery and legend” has yet to be adjusted in terms of interface optimization and function enhancement, but the game itself is worth playing. The characters of different characters are more obvious, and they can enjoy the fun of teaming up the brush. RPG and MMO game players should not miss it!