Forza Horizon 3 cool skills let you feel the speed of pleasure

By | February 20, 2017

The horizon 3 is really so fun, and under the “God” level, the screen impeccable, even if there is no 4K TV, no HDR as good as the explosion table, the control is also very good to get started, the carnival has 4, Players can be through the expansion of these four carnival to unlock more on the map of the event, stunt open … and so on, each carnival is up to 5, play to the back of the map will be all the tournament, but no matter how many There is no second generation that there is no new 168 tournament to come much more, see that this time to listen to a lot of players to do a lot of improvements, there are shows, championships, street games, street battles (street series really super Speed ​​and pleasure), limit the task, rival, the team …. and so on, the content is really very rich, and the sense of homework will not be very heavy, there are many elements of collection: car treasures, road exploration, reward billboards, beautiful attractions , Area … and so on, in the next is to buy treasure map, you can directly see all the garage + beautiful attractions +150 reward kanban, buy to collect the big outbreak, but also really save a lot of time , And this new cooperation plot mode, this super important, 2 on behalf of the 168 tournament can only own a person slowly ran to the old days, this time not only with friends to run, even the tournament has also reduced to 63 games only, and this tournament only need Complete 3 games, you can also customize the blueprint, all the tournament tournament selected as a round-the-road race and set a lap, the whole greatly reduced a lot of time, on the map size, think the map seems to be similar with the second generation Or something bigger. Interested little partners can click to download.

The radio station added to nine radio stations, one of which is Groove station, Groove station to use must be opened after six radio stations to use their own Groove must have a playlist, the game can only play the playlist (must be Purebred US account + host set to use the United States, please correct correction), and then as long as you have to play more events, add more fans, the expansion of more carnival, will be closer to the whole break, in fact, It is only to complete the fifth performance race only, the fifth is with the spacecraft PK, will finish into a small animation, which has mentioned the next will be into the south of Australia (should refer to the map after the expansion kit), honestly that the whole break Feel better, because the second generation I remember the last one is around the entire map lap, and then several super run all over soared, but the 3 generation of the spacecraft is also very shocking, and then the jet, the train I remember 2 generations Seems to have the same performance tournament.

And then the technology store added to the 75 skills, but this time also added the technical song of this feature, the demand for more resources at the same time also become more, this balance really do well, and then the camera function must be through the technology store to unlock, In the next recommendation you have the priority point “continuous technology to extend 1 second”, “technical multiple X6”, “free to move fast”, and then upgrade the lucky draw to XP doubled, doubled technology, rejuvenation technology doubled, bonus doubled special car Section, this is also very good, so that players more choices, and then in the next most open this Bugatti:

The completion time of the 1000G only 60 to 80 hours or so, the difficulty is moderate, but for the play series for the players in terms of even think a lot easier, will need more skills only about the special skills and extreme tasks. But if you get the Forza Horizon 3 Credits at, no matter what model you are in the big god will be widely known in the circle of friends.

Open the special part of the game, you have to prepare three God car, one is the fastest car, the other is the need for light enough, flexible cross-country ATV, the last one is specially used after the adjustment Flying tail of the tail car, the speed of the car I was open BUGATTI VEYRON, off-road vehicle is ARIEL NOMAD, flick is TOYOTA Celica GT, this way you can get at least 90% to 95% of the 3 stars, but there are A few really very difficult, the next test is also a lot of times before the wood factory that dangerous sign is probably I think the most difficult, but in the end or off the wild beach car had, more bouncing force, just flying out That moment there is a bounce up before the flicker area recommended to open the level of C around the car, and then in the upgrade upgrade others specifically designed to flick the kit, the speed camera are all easy to use BUGATTI, almost all One can pass, the speed range there are a few need a little skill, if it is really hard to look at the list of the world’s top 10 is what car, reference to see and then directly loaded into the design of others go try Can be over, flick all with TOYOTA Celica GT all over the breath.

Some of the championship recommendations put the final breath finished, this time only 63 championships, a need only at least three races to complete, in the next is all custom blueprint set 3 events, all 1 lap, the shortest can be 1 Minutes within a run, here more need for strong patience and perseverance, the first with the last one did not Kansai, achievements only need to complete just fine.

The new Horizon Blueprint feature allows players to create and instantly share their own custom games. Players can even hire friends to participate in their carnival, to win more fans. If friends did not bring you fans, they drove them off

As well as 150 and so on, shoot 300 cars, point over 75 technical stores … and so on, these are cumulative achievements, play to the last in the red when the championship will be one by one to unlock, even if the final tournament are finished, The solution of the words and then seriously to the solution just fine. Most of the rest are miscellaneous achievements, in the first half of the first to those achievements to unlock, usually do not spend too much time, are small achievements.