GGG Details the Most Popular Microtransactions in Path of Exile

By | May 14, 2020

Path of Exile is a big hit among video games of the same type. However, its great success is not an accident but common efforts of the developement team who constantly add new content and features to the game. It has been almost 7 years since its initial release in 2013. There are millions of registered users in the past years and the number of people is still on the rise. Recently, GGG released the most popular microtransactions in Path of Exile. Here are some of them for your reference.

Armour Sets
Infernal Armour Set became an absolute hit amongst the community when it was released in 2015, and still holds a top position even now. Interestingly enough, while only two out of the ten armour packs in this list can be considered as relatively new, both represent the most popular microtransaction themes, Celestial and Stygian.
Infernal Armour
Demon King Armour
Seraph Armour
Celestial Armour
Arcane Armour
Stygian Armour
Elite Pack
Arctic Armour
Ghostflame Armour
Vampiric Armour

Character Effects
With the Celestial theme being so popular, it’s not a surprise that Celestial microtransactions made it to the top in almost every category. However, many people also enjoy bloody and dark character effects for their Exiles (Bat Swarm and Ultimate Chaos effect in the top three).
Celestial Character Effect
Bat Swarm Effect
Ultimate Chaos Character Effect
Sin Character Effect
Fire Character Effect
Arcane Character Effect
Seraph Character Effect
Innocence Character Effect
Arctic Character Effect
Bone Aura Character Effect

Stash Tabs
Stash Tabs are continuing to be popular no matter what. The upgrades are most likely the most popular due to people upgrading their initial four stash tabs. Also, Extra Stash Tabs have the appearance of being more popular but considering the Premium Bundle contains six tabs which count as a single purchase, you’d see more of them in reality than regular Stash Tabs.
Upgrade To Premium
Extra Stash Tab
Currency Tab
Premium Stash Tab Bundle
Map Tab
Premium Stash Tab
Premium Quad Tab
Divination Tab
Essence Tab
Fragment Tab

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