How to Do Clearing Well in Rocket League?

By | May 25, 2020

Plenty of players spend hours and hours playing Rocket League in order to improve their skills in aerials, shooting and saving and etc. However, there is an undervalued skill in Rocket League, which is very useful to Rocket League gamers. It is clearing, something that absolutely everyone should be able to do well. Having good clears means that you can means you can switch your team’s tempo from defensive to offensive much quicker and with more deadly counterattacks.

Here are some tips that we’ve read from reddit, which we think are very useful. Therefore, we’d like to recommend it to you so that you can well maintain control of the ball as long as possible and backup your teammate who is moving the ball out.
1. Hit the ball with the corners of your car. By using this point on the body, you’re hitting it as hard as possible to get the most distance and change up the tempo of the game
2. Wait for a bounce upward. This allows you to use the ball’s upward momentum with your hit to clear it higher and faster
3. Use the corners of the arena. This isn’t as good for hard clears as the other tips, but by using your defensive corners and even your back wall sometimes, you can change up the offensive momentum enough to allow teammates to rotate back into goal or to carry along the wall.
4. Use the ramps on the walls. These points are some of the most unpredictable bounces in the game, which is perfect for trying to stop an attack. They also make the ball bounce much higher and further than expected, so it’s a great way to add momentum to a clear.
5. Look for your teammates. Following up a clear with a counterattack is the best way to turn a game around, so look at where your teammates are positioned. This does mean your teammate will recognize this however, so take this tip to be a more general advisory.

1. Don’t use your side walls to hard clear. Unless you absolutely have no other choice, which you almost always have another, don’t clear along your side walls if you’re the last back. All you’re doing is putting the ball center, and you must rely on your teammates to follow up quickly, otherwise you’re allowing the offense to put it right back in your end.
2. Don’t ball watch. Sitting in your defensive third watching your teammate go for the ball means you’re letting the offense maintain their momentum. Anticipate their hit and go for a follow-up, or rotate back to allow your other teammate to have a better hit and take the support role on your team’s counterattack. Moreover, you should always make sure one person on your team is contesting for the ball. This not only closes down the angle the offense has to attack, but places more pressure on them to do something and minimizes the touches they can take in your defensive third.
3. Don’t pass it right back to the opponent. Switching the field is extremely helpful for changing up the momentum of the game, as it forces the offense to accommodate to your hits, and they must reposition themselves accordingly.
4. Don’t hard clear if you don’t need to. Easily the hardest tip to judge, and one I still don’t follow to this day 100%. If the opposing team is stacked up in their defensive third and the ball falls to your side, take the time to organize a counterattack. By hard clearing it over to their side, you’re just giving up momentum as they are already positioned accordingly.

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