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By | May 16, 2017

Rockets League” is a US independent game studio Psyonix developed online games. The game has been launched at home and abroad received numerous awards, the number of players record high, as of now the number of players around the world more than 30 million; more gains, including TGA annual sports / racing games, including more than 150 international awards. This is the “supersonic stunt rocket chariot (Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars)” orthodox sequel, the car and the ball elements of the organic combination and add a lot of creativity, both the integration of racing racing and Ball athletic features, but also joined the rocket power flight, physical effects, special effects dress and other unprecedented new elements. This is not only to retain the wonderful multiplayer mode, adding a lot of custom duel options, but also added a single challenge content. In the future of science fiction style of the arena, the player avatar as a strong horsepower rocket, to participate in exciting multi-person duel, play with a wonderful goal, with the times to enjoy the era of leisure sports audio and video feast.

Rocket League Items

Vehicle Information
The game offers a wide range of vehicles for players to choose. At the beginning of the game, the system comes with several basic vehicles, including X-Devil, Roadhog and Octane. With the advance of the game, players as long as a certain level or reach a certain condition, you can unlock other vehicles; future with the national dress version of the constantly updated, will continue to introduce a variety of shapes, different characteristics of the vehicle.

In addition to the choice of vehicles, players can also choose their favorite skin in the garage, paint, tires, jackets, tail spray and antenna to decorate their own car, with a very personalized style. More hidden rare accessories will continue to fall under the player’s continuous exploration.

Gameplay Introduction

Game mode 1V1 2V2 3V3 4V4

The number of participants 2 people 4 people 6 people 8 people

Team 2 team

5 minutes per session

Score the ball into the goal

Win condition

The team scored more wins

The first team of overtime wins

In the game, the players will be divided into Orange team or blue team, driving a rocket powered car for football. There are no other rules in the game, as long as the goal of more than one party will be able to win.

In the game, the players will be divided into Orange team or blue team, driving a rocket powered car for football. There are no other rules in the game, as long as the goal of more than one party will be able to win.

Online match

Players can be alone or invite friends to “find the game”, by the system match with other online players for PVP game.

Customize the game

Players can create their own game or join the friends of the game to more than open the black game, and friends learn car technology and skills.

“Create a game”: choose to create their own game room, invite friends or let other strange players into the room to play.

“Join the game”: enter the room name and room password to join friends to create the game.

Rocket League Items

Season mode

Players can perform PVE games in this mode. The pattern is played like a ball sports league. Players can be alone or with the computer AI control of the car to form a team, in the pre-set season and the computer AI set up other teams to start the race, each game to win or draw a draw can get points , The game points will be recorded by the system. Buy cheap rocket League deals 24/7 friendly service at https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league

The cheapest rocket league project, the key and slats the fastest delivery and the lowest price, 100% safe! After the end of the season, get the most points to get the team win the season. Season mode, the player needs to set the following:

Game mode: the number of players participating in both sides, you can choose 1V1,2V2,3V3 or 4V4.
Game difficulty: you can choose the new difficulty, professional difficulty and the whole star difficulty of the computer as an opponent.
Season Length: Choose the length of the season, you can choose 9 weeks, 18 weeks, 27 weeks and 36 weeks.
Number of teams involved in the playoffs: 4 or 6 teams can be selected.

Introduction to game mode

“Rockets Union” through the introduction and reference to a variety of ball games, have developed a different new game mode. The currently available game modes are:

Soccer Mode (SOCCAR): Classic Mode. The game for the football, the player in the football field driving a car for a football match;

Basketball model (HOOPS): the game for the basketball, the players in the basketball court through the basketball ball (hit) into the other side of the field to a huge basket to score;

Hockey mode (SNOW DAY): the game for the ice hockey, the players driving the car in the ice and ice in the ice hockey game

Big fight mode / props mode (RUMBLE): the game for the football, but the player in the game can use the system randomly given props, props have a certain cooling time after use. Can use the props include: can roll up the ball of the tornado, you can kick the other vehicles of the boots, you can freeze the ball of the refrigerant and so on;

(DROPSHOT): a new ball mode, the player driving the car kicked football. In the specific site of the core 707 (Core 707) in the game, the ball hit the floor will be lit on the floor tiles, the penalty hit the floor of the floor will be bumped, the ball into the broken hole after the formation of the hole Score.

The current “rocket League” does not compete with many games in order to allow players to pay attention when the player can easily release the game to others when released. This is a very easy to understand and looks very interesting game, which is laid the foundation for more attention to the game. It seems that the “rocket League” seems to be sudden, but in fact it is an experienced team that has gone through a period of time. The game looks very simple, but it presents an elegant game that is rare. The entire industry in the distribution of many failed to effectively implement their own ideas, it is difficult to highlight the game case.

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