Madden NFL 18 is a sports competition game

By | August 21, 2017

Rugby is a common sport in the United States, the sport is focused on teamwork and physical confrontation, in Europe and the United States and other countries its status as much as football and basketball. “Madden NFL 18” is a sports competition game, is “Madden football” series of new work. Recently, the game maker EA put the sport on the game platform, they created a called “Madden football 18” game. The use of frost engine to build, join the plot mode, through the black protagonist and star Tom Brady Battle Stadium, the game has a career model, tells the protagonist from small to big and the growth of the relationship with football.

New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady will appear on the cover of the best-selling sport “Madden NFL 18“, which EA News announced on Friday morning in the United States. The fifth Super Bowl winner will follow the footsteps of his teammate Rob – Gronowski – he played the cover last year. This is also the Madden game for nearly 30 years in the history of the first two consecutive years of cover characters by the same team as a teammate.

It is very surprising that since Brady entered the league in 2000, Brady had never been on Madden’s cover. And in August this year is about 40 years of legendary quarterback, will become Madden cover characters in the oldest player.

Madden and everyone else think, the unavoidable problem is that Brady has almost everything he has. And those he did not, need to immediately put on the agenda.

In fact, if the Atlanta Falcon did not mess up the 28-3 Super Bowl in the third quarter, it is likely that this year’s cover is Matt – Ryan or Julio – Jones. This thing will be a mention of the falcon fans will once again experience a pain.

But everything has a “positive” side, at least the falcons fans do not have to worry about that “notorious” “Madden’s curse”, of course, this curse there is a net when the year, when Kelvin – Johnson became a cover character Of that year, created the NFL history record 1964 yards of the ball number. And when Brady became the cover character of the moment, I seem to hear the Patriots fans of the collective sigh, his career has maintained a high rate of play Brady in the next season and “Madden Curse” a higher.

Perhaps Brady is still able to have a good performance, and when he won the sixth Super Bowl ring, it will be “Madden’s curse” when the final burst.

It seems that the 40-year-old uncle for Madden’s curse disapproval, Brady also let everyone do not worry.
“Madden NFL 18” as a formal cooperation with the NFL game, with its authenticity, data integrity has been dominated by the North American market sports game sales of the top, every year Madden will be released in the offseason game cover the next season. Madden NFL 18 marks the beginning of the frenzied roll out for all major sports simulations, most of the ones coming from EA Sports. Madden has historically been one of the top-selling franchises when it comes to video games across all platforms and, based on The Madison NFL 18 in a total of three game modes: Arcade, Simulation and Competition. And Madden NFL 18 also added a new story mode and new ways To team up and play with friends

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But according to nearly a decade of experience, elected Madden cover players in the next season is not the performance and before the very different, is due to injury season reimbursement. Take the last example, last year’s game cover is the patriot near the front of the Rob – Gronkowski, because the back injury directly lead to the season reimbursement, while the rest of the other version of the cover characters such as Mustang’s von – Miller , Steelman’s Antonio – Brown also defeated.