NBA Live Mobile Game Features Guide

By | February 15, 2017

NBA Live is EA Sports released a series of basketball video games. This series, from 1994 to 2009 and 2013 to the present, is EA’s previous successor to the NBA playoffs and the NBA Elimination Series. Live with the NBA 2K series and the previous NBA ShootOut competition.

In the NBA LIVE Mobile, your favorite NBA team to play a team with the past and now the NBA superstar.

In addition to the legendary players, a total of 11 player ability to reach 90 +, respectively, LeBron – James 96, Stephen – Curry 94, Kevin – Durant 93, Kehuai – Leonard 93, Russell – Westbrook 93, Chris Paul 91, James Harden 90, Clay Thompson 90, Drey Real – Green 90, DeMarcus – Cowins 90, Anthony Davis 90.

Warriors have four players with the ability to reach 90+, they are Curry, Durant, Clay – Thompson and Drawn – Green.

Earlier broke the other players, Kerry – Owen’s ability to value 89, Carmelo – Anthony’s ability to 88, Jeremy Lin’s ability to value 76.

How to use a small amount of gold to buy a practical, excellent players, players are concerned about the issue. In addition to the players in the game through the draft mechanism can get the potential players, but also can directly pay, through the extraction of card pack to get active or retired legendary star. But just play when to buy some gold coins is possible, after all, just start also need to start the funds. Before I at this site to buy Cheap NBA Live Coins. Of course you can also sell some gold card players and some rare materials. But reselling these you need to spend a lot of time staring at the market Jianlou.

Game updates

The game features five lines: defense, small ball, shooting, adults and two directions. This is a function that I am really excited about. 5 core lines now feel and play more unique than ever before. Defensive lineup to play closer defense pressure, the ball lineup soon and play the rising speed, the squad lineup will focus on the internal position, specializing in rebounds and blocks, the shooting lineup will bypass around looking for open 3-pointer, two-way lineup is all trading Lineup of Jack, no particular weakness.

The game features:

1, limited time locker redemption code, the exchange code is sent to the course of basketball, decoration or special clothing, through the game-related activities will be able to find the exchange code.

2, mobile client face scan.

3, MT mode of ordinary free agent card will have a period of use. This feature is to learn FIFA to attract players, send some strong similar to the rental card to the player. The ordinary version of the 90 George, Gold version of the 99 Kobe Bryant, the legendary Gold Edition of 99 Jordan, should be used several games will be confiscated.

4, MC story mode, with 16 mode almost, but the story and how long will be different.

5, you can customize the team directly play the playoffs. Start today, that is, you start the game can choose the day list, the ability to carry out.

6, the purchase of the ordinary version will have a dream team, as well as Paul George’s US team uniforms. Gold Edition and Legendary Gold Edition to send a dream team and Kobe Bryant national team uniforms. The other three versions will send the United States national team any generation of mt card.

7, this year MC player modeling and plus the ability to more complex

These are my little advice on the NBA Live Mobile, I do not know whether it is helpful, more features you can play in the process of experience, I hope I introduced the store allows you to buy cheap gold coins, after all, play The game is the need to invest, so as to play the fun.The game is the need to invest, the game is also my characteristics.

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