NBA Live mobile players can use all the real players to build exclusive team

By | February 13, 2017

NBA Live mobile iOS version is EA company launched for the mobile side of the basketball game, in front of 2K series under the premise of NBA Live mobile phone iOS version of the advantages of where it, NBA Live mobile version is more like a game, and completely FREE. Open iTunes to buy and download apps.

NBA Live mobile iOS version will use real-time 3D real-time calculus mechanism, the player will be able to manipulate one of the players on the pitch to complete the required action, and the competition between players there are more restraint and operating components, which is very good To avoid the game which often appear in the “value is king” phenomenon. Of course, in the game has received all NBA 30 team copyright case, players will be able to use all real players to build exclusive team, for many idealist fans is undoubtedly happy. And the game every day to update the player values ​​and NBA news will also be a major feature of this for.

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Consumption of physical, click on the game button to enter the game, the game in accordance with the basic NBA rules, while for light players, the length of the game also made adjustments, a game four, two minutes each section, and can be suspended at any time And save, quite convenient. The game players will be players and coaches dual task, led his teammates to win the game but also learn strategizing. Of course, as real-life competition in the length of the suspension in the make is not available, and the game players do not have the so-called consumption, said the whole field is absolutely not to mention, enviable.

NBA LIVE Mobile Screenshots

Operation, the game on the left side of the cross virtual control characters to take place, the right side of the function keys can be sliding through the small tips are more suitable for mobile end. It can be said compared to the 2K series of basketball player tour, the operation is more simplified, of course, false triggering phenomenon will be more obvious. At the same time subdivided into each step of the novice teaching can also make contact with the game players quickly get started.

NBA LIVE Mobile Screenshots

NBA Live mobile iOS version used completely disrupt the re-combination of the form, both players can only choose the team, and then through the open “card package” in the form of different levels of players, card package can use the game gold and gold Method to purchase, of course, you can also above to buy cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins, they are very safe and reliable store. If the players choose the regular season mode, then the other team’s personnel will be based on the NBA’s existing lineup, so unless the technology, or simply use the player value competition, the player no chance of winning.

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