Path of Exile 3.10.2b Update Available Soon

By | June 1, 2020

Several days ago, GGG announced that Path of Exile’s next expansion will be live June. To make it available quickly, the development team has been working hard. Recently, a small patch with a few fixes to the ongoing Delirium League has been unveiled. According to the developer, Path of Exile 3.10.2b update will be deployed in early June. Here is a preview of the 3.10.2b update patch notes.

Patch Notes of Path of Exile 3.10.2b Update
You can now filter for items without being required to use special alphanumeric characters, such as “Maelstrom Staff” rather than “Maelström Staff”.
Updated the description text for the Surveyor’s Study and Office of Cartography Incursion Temple rooms to accurately reflect that they do not cause Architects to drop Map-related Currency.
Fixed a rare bug where Sirus’ rotating beam skill could be invisible.
Fixed a rare bug where Visceris in the Overgrown Ruin map could become immune to damage.
Fixed a bug where the Arcane Barrage microtransaction created effects that would linger indefinitely, and would reduce performance when long periods of time were spent in the same location.
Fixed an instance crash that could occur when using Raise Zombie.
Fixed an instance crash that could occur when using Summon Phantasm Support.
Fixed a client crash that could occur during the Nightmare Manifest encounter in Malformation Map.

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