Rocket League Dribbing Guide: How to Dribble as a Beginner

By | May 29, 2019

Dribbling in Rocket League, as an almost compulsory mechanic, is very effective in one versus one matches. For Rocket League fans, dribbling is a key skill that is rarely talked about and very difficult to master, so any tips and advice will be greatly appreciated. Here are some tips about how to dribble as a beginner.

Air Dribbling from Wall
Hit the ball flat into the wall. Flat means that the ball does not bounce whatsoever.
After doing so, drive onto the wall underneath the ball in a position that you are able to press the jump button to hit the ball and in a comfortable position.
Press the jump button once to hit the ball.
Air roll your car so that you are upright and your nose/front of your car is facing the ball.
Hit the ball and keep it off the ground for as much as possible to your desired target.
After you are able to hit the ball more than 3 times, try to air roll and move your car underneath the ball at an angle of 30 degrees. This makes it so that you are able to hit the ball forward and have control of the ball and it’s motion.

Air Dribbling from Ground
Wait for a high enough bounce. You can’t just air dribble from the ground anytime.
Right after the ball touches the ground and starts to bounce back up, jump and go right underneath the ball.
Rotate your car and air roll if necessary to hit the ball and keep it off the ground. Hit toward your desired target.
Getting that 30 degrees angle when hitting the ball is KEY to keeping the ball up in the air and controlling the ball. Without mastering it, you are only able to keep the ball in the air for a small period of time and can only hit it to a general location.

How to Choose Cars
As for cars, typically the main factors of the ‘feel’ you get is dependent on the height of the car and width of the car. Less width the better since you can adjust left/right quicker than a wide car. Height is a thing of preference (but can change dribbling mechanics). Higher cars will have a simpler time turning the ball at sharper angles. Shorter cars can get under the ball quicker without having to force the ball as high, so you can have a less bouncy dribble, letting you transition modes quickly and subtlely.

If you prefer shorter cars: Hotshot, Backfire
Hotshot is not wide at all which gives it a good starting point. It has more height on it than super-flat cars like Paladin, Venom, Breakout, and Dominus. It also has top-notch turning and long length, which makes it able to powerfully fling the ball forward with a front-flip if you are carrying the ball on your back.

Backfire is kind of a like a shrunken down Octane. It’s narrow and has some height to it, but not as much as the taller cars. It’s shape makes it a good all-around dribbler. One downside of the Backfire is poor turning/drifting which makes it harder to perform sharp turns.

If you prefer taller cars: Octane, Gizmo
Octane is slightly narrower and shorter than Gizmo, but both are considered very good cars for ball control while dribbling. You will be able to control the ball from side-to-side very well. If you like less width you can go for Octane, or if you want to force the ball around when turning you can go for the Gizmo, but both are very capable.

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