The core of the NHL 17 is the game

By | March 24, 2017

In the past two years, NHL 17 eventually catch up and re-release the most prominent game mode, and finally in many ways to provide fresh air. Starting with their new franchise model, which is a new redesigned version of the GM model they used to be. Instead of controlling your hockey as before, you will now have a complete control of a team and start building them from scratch.

This year, you have the ability to control everything about your team, including managing fares, Arena upgrades, concessions, and even torturing occasional Mats Zuccarello Blowing Night, inspiring and tempting your hometown fans. You will also have more stuff by meeting your host’s expectations and completing a series of challenging goals while managing your team’s budget. I often at can buy a lot of cheap HUT 17 Coins, which will make you a good control of the budget. While it seems likely to surround your mind, the ability to delay or make your own decisions helps to make leisure and hardcore players enjoyable experiences.

First, in front of the network defense, the defender will have more tools available to close the hockey, or the other players in the goal line. In addition, the accuracy of the target hit also improved, which also makes the defensive player’s behavior more efficient. In the “NHL 17”, the goalkeeper’s defensive station more than 40, each player can enjoy a unique and true gaming experience. NHL 17 hopes that by introducing all the new animators and defenders, you can correct this by trying to close someone trying to cause damage in front of his goalkeeper, such as a stick lift and a small putter.

Second, in the offensive side, “NHL 17” compared to the previous also made no small progress, players can enjoy a more smooth in the ball, glide on the ice and pick up the ice hockey experience. Compared to the previous, those who want to take full advantage of the advantages of angle and scoring players can more easily make a relatively dangerous action. In the recent release of the “NHL 17” notice, a player on the chest as the fulcrum of the body rotation broke through the line of defense, while the other players will be defensive players hit the ground after the ball into the network. In addition, “NHL 17” contains more than 30 celebration action, the player after the score even in the ice do push-ups.

Relocation is also a brand new feature that is implemented into the franchise mode, the title indicates that you have the ability to move your team to a different location. If your owner accepts your relocation proposal, you will get a list of potential locations to negotiate an agreement. Once you make a decision, you will have the opportunity to fully re-mark your new team by using a wide range of teams and arenas customization (I will learn more about it below). All new radio and demo packages also help track the milestones of the players and teams better than ever. Things such as the first NHL game, target / milestone, and retirement will be recognized by the broadcast team, which adds a nice touch to the game mode.

The new NHL 17 will be a complete World Cup hockey pattern. Giving you the opportunity to control one of the eight teams participating in the tournament. Similar to other offline modes, all new radio and comment elements help to create a unique model that gives you the right moment. In addition, the World Cup hockey pattern is just as a leisure mode, you can pick up and play without trouble.

In the network model, EA sports hockey league and hockey team finally get the full play, each contains a lot of expected adjustments. With customization the main focus of this year, EASHL offers a variety of team and player custom options we have never seen before. Hockey Ultimate Team has also undergone some major changes, most notably their team chemistry system. According to their team and league, the player’s match days have passed, and in HUT Synergy to become a new team building system.

Another new model is the “championship” model has also been a lot of embedded in the ultimate hockey team, and allows you to win through the mini-fantasy draft. After drafting your team, you can put them online or stay offline and then play four games to get rewards. Once you have enough reward, you can use a dynamic collection to trade and get a higher reward to upgrade your HUT team.

The subtle game improvements to the NHL 17, as well as the increased depth of the game mode sector, provide players with a more complete package. The core of the game is the game that will always be the most important factor. Depth, custom and repeatable levels make this one the winner. NHL will certainly be the same fact that a complete team pattern has been put in place to make it a more compelling game than a competitor. Interested friends hurry to download and play together!